Mike: Southport

I'm a 6'2", 68 year old hard of hearing pensioner suffering from long term arthritic conditions especially in my knees, neck and lower back.
I am so grateful to Steve for keeping me active and mobile and at a sensible weight.
I have been training with him twice a week with him now for more than 5 years- how quickly that time has flown!
My initial motivation was to lose weight for my son's wedding and following Steve's holistic advice quickly lost more than 2 stone down to a 'fighting' weight of 13.5 stone which I can comfortably maintain.
Steve has worked extensively at muscle tone to support my problematic joints and I am convinced without his work I would have needed a knee replacement by now.
In the past I have tried joining a local gym which was fine for a couple of weeks, but hard to sustain.
Instead Steve's use of 'nature's gym' the hour long sessions in the dunes, pinewoods and on the beach are so enjoyable it's really like a social activity for me!
I'm determined to enjoy an active life with my family especially our 5 grandchildren as they grow up, so many many thanks Steve and long may we continue.

Kate: How Xmas vouchers got my body back!

Well - where do I begin?
When I heard on Christmas Day via text message from Steve himself that my ever so kind brother had bought me Personal Training Sessions for Christmas (to go along with my gym membership) I was anxious to say the least! Me? Personal Trainer? I will be ok just joining the gym!!
I first met with Steve in January 2010 and during my initial visit I tried to convince myself and Steve that I had a really healthy lifestyle and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t lose weight. I also thought personally I was quite fit and active!
Steve was brilliant asking me questions about what I had done previously and what I wanted to achieve and he told me how he works and was extremely realistic and positive about where we would start. I went home from that meeting feeling really positive and motivated but still slightly apprehensive and worried. I went for my first session and it was the fitness test. I thought I would do ok after all I wasn’t an exercise phobe and as I said earlier I thought I did all the right things. Boy did I get a shock – I was seriously surprised by the figures that were presented to me but Steve was still amazingly positive about what I could do with hard work and his motivation.
After discussions and through training with Steve I learnt how to exercise and change my lifestyle to get the most from my training sessions. I then used this information to train on my own time. I learnt everyone is unique and that everyone’s bodies work in different ways and found the best way for me to train to achieve results.
Once I started to understand how my body worked and how to train the weight began to come down! I have since lost almost 5 ½ stone and enjoyed every minute of it. I honestly never thought there would come a day where I thoroughly enjoy exercise! Not only am I lighter, I have more energy but most importantly I am now a healthy weight and getting fitter all the time. I do try to do something most days and I train with Steve twice a week, where there is never a dull moment or two sessions the same! Training is never a chore or somewhere I don’t want to be! It also helps to keep my stress levels down (well sometimes anyway!).
Back in January I could not run to the end of the drive and even though I would walk everywhere and go to the gym and try my best without understanding how my body works it was getting me nowhere! I am competing in my first 10K Race for Life in September 2010 only 8 months after starting training with Steve and I am hoping to run a respectable time and do Steve and everyone else who has supported me in this mission proud!
So all I can say is a massive thank you to Steve for his time and dedication and obviously his knowledge and patience!!